Innovative solutions for flexible and automated business processes

Streamlined and automated functionality that covers all your business needs.

Round the clock Collaboration and Communication through all your business channels.

All your business information and all your customer interactions, stored in one central point to help you with your strategic decision making.

Web technologies have enabled on-line, transparent, 24 hour a day interaction between a company’s human resources, customers and suppliers who all together are creating new and more efficient markets.

The information and the content, which companies supply to their customers, employees and partners, is part of the business processes. These business processes are now enabled to be fully functional in the interactive World Wide Web making it possible for authorized persons to retrieve on-line internal and external information and content, regardless of their actual location.

The ability of having access to all existing information and content and the active participation in Workflow applications in the Internet through a Web browser is increasingly becoming very important to enterprises.

We developed our solutions and products with all this in mind. Our solutions provide real-time, integrated data connectivity between the enterprise, its human resources its customers and its suppliers.

They are secure and easy to implement and help our clients adapt their business processes in a web environment, increase their productivity and competitiveness and at the same time reduce overall costs of development and maintenance.

Our solutions are the result of many years of collective experience of our people in various business environments and their deep knowledge of business best practices. They cover a wide range of operational management needs for companies and organizations. Because they are based on components - modules, they are flexible and customizable to fit various types of companies, according to their specific industry requirements.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure that offers you secure, anywhere, anytime access to your application platform.

Enjoy substantially lower costs for IT even up to 80%. Forget investments in software purchases, upgrades and new releases. Forget the management of data bases and investment in hardware.

You get as much as you need from your on demand software paying only a monthly subscription fee per user.

Our Products

Ε-ΟΝ RIX - Retail Internet Exchange

It tranforms the business and financial management of your company to an integrated platform for automation of processes and collaboration through a web browser.

Its functionality includes a large range of functions as the management of orders, purchaces, sales inventories and invoices. Every transaction updates automatically the Accounting and General Ledger and the Financial Statements. Everyting is integrated in one and only platform, including CRM for the management of customers and suppliers.

It is flexible and customizable parametrically with minimum effort in order to satisfy the needs of large internet or intranet networks and groups of business users.

Project Accounting: Functionality for the administrative and financial management of projects. Stages, Actions, Consumption of Materials, Time & Expense reporting.

One single database for all parties involved. Tools for better coordination of assignments, schedules, costs and revenues.

Supports contract management and ensures that time reports are accurately recorded, and retrieved promptly for invoicing and that the obligations towards customers are fulfilled.


Offers a set of applications that cover the management of Human Resources, of Processes and the overall Business Objectives.

An integrated application to organize and manage. track and evaluate the most precious asset of your business. Its Human Capital. It is a Self Service system that offers more than competitive HRMs as anywhere, anytime access through a common web browser, fully collaborative environment, automated workflow processes.

Supports the implementation and management of your business processes and your quality control procedures. It is the essential tool to organize and operate your business while improving quality issues. As such it enables you to achieve measurable results and remain competitve.

With CVbox you will attract, manage and select the top candidates for your company. Whether you are a small medium-sized business, or a large company with a wide branch network, CVbox was created for you. See more...

E-ON EPI - Enterprise Process Integration

Covers workflow processes between Banks, Retailers and other Financial Institutions (Insurers, Leasing, Factoring , etc) both for Front end, and Back office procedures. The platform is a true collaborative environment for the business partners.

It offers functionality for financial products such as: Consumer, Mortgage, Personnal, Business and more Loans, Insurance products, Leasing, Factoring, Stock Finance, Open Credit for working capital.

Workflows incorporate concepts like supplier, consumer good, customer, application, quote, contract, statement, disbursement. All these are involved in the workflows.

In the present economic circumstances, it is of the outmost importance for banks to be agile and flexible and to respond quickly to market demands by offering new retail banking products. It is also important that they are able to promote and sell these products from more channels other than the traditional bank offices.

For the management of processes of car leasing companies. Enables you to offer your customers new advanced services, such as the remote management of corporate fleets, over a user-friendly internet interface.


InStyleApp is a CRM application developed especially for those who provide services in the field of beauty, wellness and fitness.

It is a subscription based service with access from any location and anytime with no geographical or time restrictions.
Enables remote access, from a PC or a laptop or a tablet to learn real time what your employees or your customers are doing even if you are away from your business premises.

SMS Communication with Customers
Management of Appointments and Resources
Extensive Reporting

Ε-ΟΝ RIX - Retail Internet Exchange
The commercial and financial management of your business becomes an integrated collaboration platform, accessed through a web browser.
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Unleash the power of web to manage your most precious asset. Human Capital.
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E-ON EPI - Enterprise Process Integration
Go beyond the borders of your business. Give your employees, your business partners and your customers the power of Web Collaboration and Interaction.
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Make your customers feel unique. A CRM application developed especially for those who provide services in the field of beauty, wellness and fitness.
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