With a small monthly subscritpion fee per user.
Pay as you go, pay as you grow!

"Eon-demand" Software as a Service, offer many benefits to your business on both financial and operational level. You can access the software with an internet connection and there is no kind of local installation of software or any dedicated servers at your premises. The "eon-demand" applications are true cloud solutions.

To use our "eon-demand" applications, you need to subscribe to these services for a specific period of time and for a specific number of company users.

Pricing depends on:
The number of users.
The duration of the Service Level Agreement.

A user is an individual with authorized access with a user name & password.

Lower your costs for IT up to 80% with our flexible pricing models.

General principles that determine pricing:

The new software service, aims primarily to:

reduce the IT costs,

facilitate the company to address its "IT issues" in general,

simplification and flexibility of decisions and

it is also a "green" approach to the management of computer centers (reducing costs for equipment and energy consumption).

Pricing is based on the following factors:

The user subscription fees and the services required for a user to access the functionality of the system are not the same for everyone. There are two levels - "user profiles", depending on the availabe functionality to each of them.

Decisions, requirements and potentials of each company change from time to time. When such significant changes occur, the company must be able to change accordingly and its costs by adding or removing users.

Depending on the duration of the contract we sign with our Customer for the provision of "eon-demand" application services, we apply discounts on the total fees.

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"Eon-demand" applications are the future of business software. Enjoy Lower costs for IT up to 80%. Access critical information about your business anyplace, anytime, you need it through the web.
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