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For us each one of our customers is unique

Support is the most important issue in choosing and using a software. The nature of our "eon-demand" applications and the full "internet access" concept makes support an easier task.

Besides the standard "Support" services provided by all vendors we provide additional services that give our Customers the feeling that they are fully covered in all issues that may arise when using our eon-demand applications.

Let's review some of the issues that may arise and how we approach them.

The set of services that we offer to our customers fall into two main categories:

Start up Services.
Additional Support Services after the system is activated.

Start up Services:

These are the initial services we provide to our new Customer in order to enable the Customer's personnel to operate the chosen application.
These services include tasks that are necessary for the successful launch of the system. Typically these include:

The activation processes of a 'virtual space' for the client, within our Data Center technical infrastructure (servers, networks, etc.). These are creation of user profiles, assign rights and authorizations, and more.

The training of key users. As "key users" we define representative users from each one of the customer's business operations. The purpose of the initial training program is to provide a preliminary and essential training to key users, who will then "spread" the knowledge of the system to the other users within the company.

To activate the Customer's "virtual workspace" of Customer (virtual since it is hosted in our Data Center) we need only a few hours. Of course then we have to configure the system paremeters to adapt to each Customer's needs. This process is done in cooperation with the Customer's authorized personnel (system administration officers, division heads etc.)

Full activation and configuration takes one to two weeks. Along with staff training and depending on the application that the client has chosen the initial activation and training period can be up to a month.

At the end of this period we will deliver the following:

Internet address through which the company will have access to the system.

User names and passwords for the users.

Key users' training.

One user name and password for our “Customer Support” service. This user name and password can be distributed to all users that the company authorizes to submit support requests .

Provision of Support Services - On demand Services:

The business environment changes rapidly. New requirements are added or existing practices change. Company procedures, employees, forms, business locations must be constantly adapted to be able to follow these developments Your application sofware should follow the changes. Our applications are designed in a way that are flexible and allow you to make the necessary adjustments to meet future needs. This is why you should invest a sufficient amount of time to train the appropriate personnel.

In any case you want us to help your officers in such cases, we are able to offer additional services. We can even modify the applications to serve your specific needs, since our solutions have been designed and developed by us (we do not represent or import applications from other providers). Our company has complete control over all stages of design and development of our products.

Examples include some of the additional services we can offer you.

Transfer your data from other systems.

Accounting and Financial Services such as (a) Development of Chart of Accounts, (b) Design of Forms (c) Design and production of Management Reports and Financial Statements in particular, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement, Forecasts, Budgets, etc. (d) Budgeting based on the Chart of Accounts.

Marketing services as the creation of campaigns based on CRM findings. This means reviewing the actual interactions and relationships with clients as recorded in the CRM functions of the system and satisfying the needs of each company to promote its sales policy.

Provide temporary personnel support to the Customer for example at peak times. .

These extra services are of specific duration and will be available upon customer request. They are chargeable per hour or per month at agreed fees.

Support and Maintenance of our eon-demand applications in the following ways:

Support of “eon-demand” applications :

We provide you with a username and password to access this site.
You can place all support requests there. Requests are classified and priced by our experienced personnel. After you approve the suggested hours and fees, we proceed to satisfy the request.
With this service you can request new functionality or changes after the initial software installation and ensure that all future needs will be covered.

User Support (Users or Operations Support):

Support at this level is also offered through our Customer Support site, as described above.
User Support does not include a visit of our technicians or business consultants at your premises or telephone support.

Visit of our technicians or business consultants at Customer’s premises:

Our technicians or business consultants can visit the customer’s premises on request, for specialized consulting or technical work.
Such requests are also placed on our Customer Support site to be evaluated by us and approved by the customer.

Telephone Support (Users or Operations Support):

We offer telephone support. Certain telephone support, subject to time limits per month as defined in our Initial Agreement, is offered free.
Telephone support that exceeds these time limits can be requested through our Customer Support site with extra fees.


We offer the initial users’ training free, for an agreed period of time as defined in our Initial Agreement.
The customer can request more training for new users, or for old users on special subjects or clarifications.
This training can take place at our premises or the customer’s premises and at flexible times. Requests for such training are placed on our Customer Support site to be evaluated accordingly.

Finally we can build for a customer a dedicated network (always internet configuration) with "High Availability" fully available 24X7 without interruptions, other than those defined by law as "force majeure". This will be done with additional fees for services and the costs for hardware (mainly equipment for additional Hardware, Systems Software, and network security).
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